Glasses-Free 3D screen is here to impress!

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For nearly 100 years, 3D movies have always needed 3D glasses to be worn along with specific seating placement. Three D holograms brings you the technology that makes 3D screens entertainment and glasses-free. The main issue with viewing 3D on a TV (or video projection screen) is that humans have two eyes, separated by a couple of inches.

The reason we see 3D in the real world is each eye sees a slightly different view of what is in front of it and then transmits those views to the brain. The brain combines the two images, resulting in viewing a natural 3D image correctly.

However, since traditional video images displayed on a TV or projection screen are flat (2D), both eyes see the same single image. Although still and motion photography “tricks” can provide some sense of depth and perspective within the displayed image, there are not enough spatial cues for the brain to accurately process what is being viewed as a natural 3D image.

What engineers have done to solve the problem of seeing 3D from an image displayed on a TV, movie, or home video projector and screen is to send two slightly different signals that are each targeted to your left or right eye.

Where 3D glasses come in is that the left and right lens see a slightly different image. Your eyes send that information to the brain — the result, your brain is fooled into created the perception of a 3D image. Although glasses-required 3D viewing is accepted for the movie-going experience, consumers have never totally accepted that requirement for viewing 3D at home. The biggest barrier to 3D to date has been the need for glasses which has inhibited the growth of 3D until now. Not Anymore!

Three D holograms brings you glasses free 3d screens that will change the business of digital signage, marketing and advertising in India. Your 3D ad popping out of the screen will grab your target audience’s attention. The benefits to this new technology compared to the old style allow for a much more robust viewing experience. It has shown to achieve higher brand recall and improved customer engagement.

3D viewing is at an interesting crossroads.ThreeD hologram believes that glasses free 3d screens are great for placement in malls, cruise ships, resorts, sports bars, ball parks, car dealerships, phone companies, retail shops and multiple other venues. “Seeing is believing!” Come to our office and see for yourselves if you are involved in digital signage, marketing or advertising.



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