What is 3D Holo Box?

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A 3D Holo Box is a device that enables the projection of 3D holograms in space without the requirement for special viewing aids. These can replicate the dimensions and design of a product accurately, making them hover mid-air. It’s a revolutionary piece of tech that is set to transform the field of product presentation.

Combining 3 D Holo Box with effective background sounds and effects will give the viewers a fairly accurate view of the product, pretty much like an actual physical product. Designs are no longer limited to boring, 2D backgrounds, but can be augmented to lifelike looks using these 3D holograms.

Components Needed For Displaying 3D Holograms

There are 3 components needed for holo boxes:

  • An actual product or object: This object will be displayed by holograms
  • 3D holograms: These get projected out into space, displaying the object’s holographic version.
  • Hologram Projector: This device enables 3D holographic projection. It is also called a holography display or a holography pyramid.

What Advantages Do 3D Holo Boxes Have?

  • They enable an innovative presentation of a product

People are always drawn to products which are advertised in a unique manner (Ask the folks at Apple) When presentations are conducted in a 3D holographic format, without any special viewing aids it is bound to pique one’s curiosity.

  • They help explain complicated concepts in simple ways

Several items can be incredibly complex to display on a 2D drawing. But with holograms, you add another dimension and enable viewers to properly grasp how the product looks like, break the product down, if need be, and explain how components work.

  • They help your product stand out

Holographic presentations are still an emerging field. A company that implements this tech in their presentations is likely to attract more eyeballs and stay in the minds of potential customers for longer, increasing leads and sales revenues. It’s the perfect way to hog some extra limelight.

Which Industries Stand To Gain From 3D Holo Box Technology?

You can use 3D holograms for a wide variety of uses. A few sectors where it could find widespread appeal are:

  • Architecture: An accurate hologram would enable all parties to understand and see the final building right before construction even begins. Customers can view each nook and cranny of the building and get a feel of how the actual building will look like upon construction. This also eliminates the need for rectifications down the road as changes if any can be made at the planning stage.
  • Product Presentations: 2D images don’t even come close to the level of realism achievable by 3D holograms. Customers will find innovative presentation techniques to be highly alluring, spiking their interest in the product. For example, when a jewelry is displayed in 3D holo box, it would create a powerful impact on the audience. Similarly, luxury watches, artefacts are some of the areas where 3D holo boxes will draw massive eyeballs. 
  • Exhibitions: Lugging along the actual product from exhibition to exhibition can be a costly affair for many firms. But if a 3D hologram were to be used, all that has to be transported is a hologram projector and the necessary data. This is especially useful for high-value exhibitions.
  • Showrooms: Any place can be a pop-up showroom if you’ve got a handy hologram projector with you. The effort that goes into ensuring the product is showcased in the proper light can now be diverted for more productive causes.

3D Holo Box is the way how branding, advertising and marketing will be done. Companies that adopt this new technology will definitely gain an edge over their competition.



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